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Mulch of ground bark of conifers is a natural organic mulch that is commonly made ​​from bark of pine, spruce, larch and cedar. The main purpose of the mulch looks nice addition to the garden is to improve conditions for plant growth in green areas. Bark of conifers contain lignin, waxes, tannins and other substances that protect the plant from harmful external influences and provides a smooth growth and development. These beneficial effects have long been observed and applied in the process of mulching in horticulture.

We have been producing mulch for over ten years and have in that period conducted numerous tests and extensive analyses of properties of various mulch types. Appearance of the material itself, as well as the of garden where it has been spread have been observed and also the impact of mulch application to the quality of soil and plants growth.
As the result, we currently supply several types of natural - organic, as well as coloured mulches.