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Pine bark mulch

Slika 5

It is produced by shredding pine bark. This mulch has a particularly attractive red/brown colour and it is considered as one of most attractive mulches of the highest quality.
Although it is suitable for all sorts of plants, it is especially recommended for acidophilic plants (acid loving plants), like rhododendron and azalea.

Slika%204 Slika%205


There are two grades available:
Slika%2061. From 6 to 25 mm (small-size pine mulch)

Slika%2072. from 25 to 60 mm (large-size pine mulch)




Mulch is supplied in several types of packages:

Usual package:
50 ltr bag

Also available:
25 ltr bag
100 ltr bag
in bulk (m3)