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Organic mulch

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Natural material is applied to the soil surface. It improves plants growth in several manners:
- Mulch retains moisture and reduces evaporation of soil;
- Mulch suppresses weed growth by preventing light to reach weed seeds;
- Mulch moderates soil temperature by warming soil during winter, cooling soil around plant roots in the summer.
- Decomposition of mulch produces additional nutritive material and organic components which are important for plant development.
Not only that it enhances plants growth, but it serves as an attractive ornament in the garden. It is also suitable for paths.

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How is mulch used?

Prior to mulch application, weeds, leaves and grass should be removed from the soil. A layer of mulch, 5-10 cm thick is recommended (thinner layer next to the plant). Since mulch decomposes in time (and thus fertilizes the soil), a new layer should be applied each year. When you select mulch, please see that it is loose enough, so that water may easily penetrate the soil.